Tech Coaching

One thing I hear over and over again from so many business owners:

"I'm tech challenged!" 


Stop stressing your self out-For $65 a Month

you can get all of your tech questions answered

Sessions are filling up fast!

I get it. There is a lot of technology involved in running a online business these days. Understanding all of these systems and softwares can be completely and utterly overwhelming.  Most of us cope by figuring out the least amount possible and wing it from there. 

Many times, what most of us need is someone to just walk us through it... us the exact processes we NEED to use from the software and which ones to ignore.

This is where I come in. 


#1 What do you need help with?

I specialize in the following systems/programs/softwares for tech coaching:

Facebook /Instagram (insights & ads) • Squarespace • Wix• Mailchimp • Google Analytics •

#2 Contact me!

If you need help setting up or getting a better understanding of any of the above, simply reserve your coaching session form below and we will start talking about what sort of coaching session is best for your needs! 

#3 The call where the magic happens!

All calls are done over Zoom (similar to Skype) so we can see each other and share screens with each other as we go through the coaching. I also record every call so you can access the information later! My clients LOVE this as they can focus on the info instead of trying to jot notes down during the session. 

After our session you will have a solid understanding of how to properly utilize the technology we discussed for your business. No more wondering if you are "doing this right"! 

Feel confident in the tech side of your business, but feel lost when it comes to creating a solid strategy? I can help with that, too!


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