How to find more time to invest in your business


As entrepreneurs we are under time pressure to do “all the things”.  Finding the time to create a successful business in the first place can be harder when you’re working from home. Do you find yourself struggling to balance writing that new blog post with running errands?

The problem is that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the problem of finding time in your life, to make the money you deserve, which will eventually create the time and freedom that comes with success. 

There are so many things that you must do in your life as an "adult"; from cleaning the house to paying the bills, that sometimes your business takes a back seat. Because of this, you end up stuck with “not enough time in the day” syndrome.

You become stuck in a cycle of priorities: not investing enough of yourself in your business that will eventually turn into profit, which can then be automated, to give you more time to do everything else!

I’m going to share some tips that have helped me to create a life, career, and business prioritization balance.

Apply these simple practices into your life today and see how it changes things for you!




Outsourcing tasks in your business is a perfect strategy; it removes things from your schedule that you either dislike doing, don’t have the skills for, or take up huge blocks of time that would be better used elsewhere.

Applying this same principle in your home is a game changer that gets overlooked as being “out of the question” purely through pride, cost and tradition. It feels like a no brainer; yet most people tell themselves they can’t afford it. That is simply not the case, and here’s why.

Domestic specialists charge on average, less than you would earn per hour, so if you paid yourself to do this job, it would cost more than if you outsource. Plus, you’d gain up to 5 hours per week and lose stress in one transaction.

Face it; if this were a business decision there would be no discussions, you’d just do it.




We’re told to automate in our businesses, but do we do it in our personal lives? The benefits of automating social media in business are huge; from Buffer to Tailwind, there is a system that can automate most of your online presence in your biz.

But when it comes to your home life, do you make the most of the digital age? Consider automating some of these to save hours:

  • Paying Bills – set up direct debits and check your accounts once or twice a month. Stop being reactive to financial requests and start being proactive

  • Shopping – Automating your shopping process can save you hours of time. Get online, create one list of favourites and get it delivered to your door. My online grocery delivery services are Amazon Pantry and Walmart P.S. here's $10 to save on your next order




I hear people constantly saying, “I don’t have time to plan”. But, did you know that if you make time to plan, you’ll shave off hours of indecision each week? Knowing what there is to do and keeping a list is encouraging in its own right; because the more you get done, the more motivated you become.

Take half an hour each morning, or the evening before, to plan your day. Implement a diary system with important dates too. Some simple planning hacks that help me stay completely in control include:

  • Have a list of birthdays and celebrations for the year and buy all cards and gifts for the coming month at one time.

  • Plan 3 key tasks that you want to accomplish each day, personal or business. Setting a few important tasks as “must-do’s” and achieving them each day, makes you more motivated to get them done, and keep doing it. Don’t over stretch yourself!

  • Schedule gaps in your day to take a break. Make time for yourself or you’ll burn out! Trust me recovering from burnout is harder than avoiding it.

  • Write down the things that are floating around in your head. Keep a notebook to throw thoughts, tasks or appointments down.

Now it’s time to put your plan in motion: What will you do this week to streamline your obligations and become a super-productive entrepreneur?