I have had the pleasure of working with some ah-mazing clients recently and I cannot wait to share the work with you. So many more to come, but I am excited to kick this off with Prackind LLC– a Pre-marital and emotional health Wellness business run by the lovely Amaris Watson Gale.

Amaris got in touch with me in May of this year for a website redesign. Amaris’s business has two parts: one that focuses on her Pre-martial counseling and couples therapy and the other focuses on emotional and mental health wellness. She had the brand identity ready to go but was looking for custom redesign of her Squarespace site that represented her and her business. Her clarity on what she wanted for her brand and business made it a joy to work with her on this website redesign project.


Web Strategy:

We first started off with a long conference call where we dug into every corner of the business – the goals, the target audience and the user experience. We came up with a sitemap that defined the pages, their requirements and the flow of the website. One of the main focus in alignment with her goals was her services page and so we discussed the different integrations that were required for booking on the services page development. Once we had pinned down the web strategy after analyzing the goals – it was time to put pen to the paper and start the work!

Designing Wireframes and mockups:

Wireframes: With the style guide in place, I began designing the wireframes for every page of the site. Wireframes are basically the skeletal layout of the pages that define the exact placement of images, graphics and text. This helps visualize the user experience and flow of the entire website. However I like making the wireframes a little more interesting by adding brand colors so the client gets an overall feel of how the colors and type are going to play together in the website.

Mockups: Once we got a handle on the wireframes, I dressed them up to create the mockups. – they have the exact copy + photos + graphics all in place to give the exact feel of how the page would look like on the LIVE website. With Amaris’s beautiful photography and ready-to-go copy, it wasn’t long before we had the mockups ready to go!

Here’s a quick shot of the mockups for the home and about pages:


I often don’t talk too much about website platforms ‘cuz I work on projects on all kinds of platforms – Wx, Squarespace, Shopify – you name it. Depending on the requirements of the business, one works better than the other and we make the choice accordingly and move ahead.

Anyhow needless to say, we redesigned Amaris’s website on Squarespace.

Here are some of my favorite features and layouts on the website:

  1. Newsletter layout


Wrapping up:

I was thrilled with how the project turned out and couldn’t be more grateful to Amaris for making this project so fun and smooth! Here’s what Amaris had to say about working with me:

Ashley is a phenomenal consultant, web designer, and human being. She took my 'blah' website and transformed it into an engaging, beautiful platform. Her warm spirit made it a pleasure for me to share my vision and trust her with turning it into a digital reality. I am forever grateful for Ashley and cannot thank her enough! - Amaris Watson Prackind, LLC

Click here to check out her LIVE website >> 

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the behind-the-scenes of my website design process. If you are looking for a new website design to propel your business, I am here for ya! Click here to see how we can work together!


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